In the Box: Subbuteo – Alive & Flicking … Finally a photobook

Finally a photobook revealing the present-day culture and idiosyncrasies of the largely unseen sporting world of Subbuteo !!!


This photobook is created by Tom Groves, a photographer which has traveled to various events and competition around Europe.  During these sessions, he tries to capture the TRUE PASSION and EXCITEMENT, arising from the game/sport.

In the Box documents a serious sporting world that few realise is still out there and yet it exists with the same sincerity and fervour as any other sport.

Through Kickstarter, the aim is to self publish 1000 hardback copies of the book and eleven special editions. The special editions will feature a signed copy of ‘In the Box’, a hand-painted ‘World All-Star’ Subbuteo figurine, a ‘Team Edition’ of the Subbuteo game and an editioned pigment print, all of which will be housed in a bespoke clamshell box.

This project will only be funded if at least £10,000 is pledged by Friday, 22 Mar 2013.  Please visit the website to know more about the project and give your support by pledging a donation.



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