TFAS Cup 2013 Results and Pictures (Part 2)

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Below are the the results for the TFAS Cup 2013, held 16-17 March 2013 at Orchid Country Club (Ruby Suite).

OPEN Category

This Category is for all players, with no restrictions on age or skill or experiences.  Even if you just started or haven’t touch the game/sport for a long time, we welcome all !!

L-R (standing): Rudy, Den, Kok Wee, Giovanni, Michael Choong, Changru, Anas, Rizal Ahmad, Asyraf, Antonio, Rizal Taib, Michael Dent, Azlan, Izham
L-R (Kneeling): John Ho, Noor Haikal (Guest Referee)
Absent: Fathul, Amin, John Edwards

Total there were 18 players fighting it out, with 5 players crossing over from the Amatuer/U19 Category …

The day started with registration and the drew.  This event was run within FISTF competition rules, with the players grouped in 3, with a barrage stage (after the Group stages) to find out which players get through to the next round.

The draw is quite a tense event, as players are anxious to find out who are they drawn with.  As there are 18 players, there will be 6 groups (A to F), with the top 6 ranked players placed in each group.  The rest of the players are balloted to make up the rest of the groups (as according to FISTF format and rules).

The group games were pretty straight forward, with no major upsets.  Several games were tight affairs, with many goals scored late the match  One of the highlights were the Amateurs working hard to make difficult for the more seasoned players.  We have Giovanni and John Edwards managing to score against more established player Den Mulia.  This is very encouraging to see less established players striving hard to up their game with a “never say die” attitude !!

After the Group matches, there were 4 Group table toppers who gained automatic advancement to the quarter-final.  The Barrages stage was called for to decide the rest of the quarter-finalists.  There were no surprises as the eventual winners winning their matches comfortably.

At the same time, we also created the Plate Competition.  This separate competition is for those players who did not manage to reach the quarter-finals, a addition venue to gain more experience by playing competitively and also to see who is the best of the group.

Since there are 6 players in this category, we divided them into 2 Groups of 3.  After the round robin matches, the top two of each group will advance to the semi-finals stage.  The winners of the semi-finals stage will advance to the Final to decide the winner.

The quarter-finalist (Open category) are  Michael Dent vs Michael Choong; Rudy vs Kok Wee; Den vs Azlan and Antonio vs John Ho

The players in the Plate competition are Anas, Izham, John Edwards, Asyraf, Amin and Rizal Taib

In the Quarter-Finals (Open Category), all the games were played with high degree of focus and intensity.  With the game tied 1:1 at full, unfortunately Michael Dent had to withdraw due to transportation woes.  There other 2 tight matches were Rudy vs Kok Wee and Antonio vs John Ho, with all the players playing a tactical game and the matches were decided by slim 1 goal difference.

For the Plate competition Group stage, matches were either a tight goalless draw or free scoring. The top four advancing to the semi-finals stage are Izham vs Asyraf and Anas vs Rizal Taib.  The matches ended 1:0 and 2:0 respecitively, with Izham and Anas advancing to the Plate Final.

In the semi-finals stage (Open Category), it is Rudy vs Michael Choong and Den vs John Ho.  Both matches were very tight, with all the players showing good touches and procession football.  Rudy vs Michael Choong went all the way to extra time, with the score tied 0:0 at full time.  Rudy managed to squeeze in a goal in extra time to advance to the Final.  In the other semi-final match between Den and John Ho, both players played a tactical game, with both players refusing to concede procession to the other as much as possible.  With the score tied at 1:1, Den managed to score in the last minute of the match to advance to the Final.

The 3rd/4th placing match, between Michael Choong and John Ho was a close affair.  Both players were matching each other in terms of skill and tactics.  This went on into extra time and final the deadlock was broken by John Ho to win 3rd place.

The plate final was between Anas and Izham.  This match started slowly with both players having very different playing style.  The scoreline stay 0:0 throughout the match, with few chances in between.  Eventually, the match was won by Anas to be the Plate champion.

The Final (Open Category) was played between Den and Rudy with both players having contrasting playing style. Den, with his slow and tactical style against Rudy’s fast and furious style.  Both players were constantly trying to find weakness in each other’s defenses to exploit.  Clear cut chances were few and scattered between both players.  Finally with the clock running down, Den manages to score the deciding goal with 30 seconds left.

The new Champion in the TFAS Cup (Open Category) has emerged … Den Mulia !!

For the report and reports on Amateur/U19s Category, Click here.


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