Leste Aquila League Kicks off to a good start !!

Leste Aquila League kicked-off to a rousing start … IMG_2071


Basic rules:

There were around 16 players involved, with 1 session every Month (from March to September 2013), with a break in June.

The players will be divided into two divisions (Liga 1 and Liga 2).  Each player will be playing 2 games with each player (“home” and “away”).

The player at the top of Liga 1 will be crowned league champion and the bottom two will be relegated to Liga 2.  The top two in Liga 2 will be promoted to Liga 1.

A play-off between bottom third (of Liga 1) and the Third in Liga 2 will be conducted to determine who gets to Liga 1 and who goes to Liga 2.


The session on 30 March had around 12 players involved, playing their respective opponents.  Basically everyone had a good time and taking the opportunity to polish up their skill and knowledge in preparation for the TFAS National Championship in June.

Below are some pictures of the proceedings …


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