AGM 2013 – Summary

Dear Everyone,

The summary of the recent AGM 2013 can be found below … If there are any questions or clarifications or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact TFAS.

Summary of Table Football Association of Singapore (TFAS) AGM 2013

Venue: Orchid Country Club, Ruby Suite

Date/Time: 17th March 2013, 1300 – 1500hrs (Local SG Time)

Number of Participating/Voting members: 18

Program and happenings of year 2012  Competition (both FISTF and WASPA banners)
  • TFAS Futures (March 2012)
  • Hong Kong WASPA (April 2012)
  • Super 8 WASPA (May 2012)
  • Jurong YEC Subbuteo Challenge/TFAS Satellite (Euro Championship) June 2012
  • FISTF World Cup (July 2012)
  • TFAS Merlion Cup (Dec 2012)
  • TFAS League Championship


  TFAS Handbook (official launch) covering;
  • Introduction of the game in Singapore
  • Guide to set-up a Sports Table Football Club
  • Guide to running a league and running a tournament
  • TFAS Introductory Course
  • TFAS Training Course
  • TFAS Team Building Program


  Revision of TFAS League Championship format
  • Launched in 8th September 2012
  • Games programmed with fixtures
  • Switch to point system with respect to attendance and games played
  • League play days once per month at rotating venue
  • Players awarded with points for attendance
  • Players awarded points for results of games played
  • Tournament points awarded for positions in tournaments and will be consider for final league standings.
  Outreach activities and events (including publications)
  • TODAY newspaper, interview on YouTube
  • FourFourTwo magazine
  • Promotion on U family, U Sport, CSC and OCC newsletter
  • Developed Introductory and Full course, to be promoted and conducted in various organizations
  • TFAS featured during London Toy Fair, via
  • TFAS, included as a Contact Nation/Country in website
  • New TFAS website is launched
  • New TFAS FB launched “Subbuteo Table Football Association of Singapore TFAS”
  • New TFAS Twitter launched @TFASingapore


  Financial matter
  • Presentation of Statements of accounts, Cash flow statement, Balance statement (FY 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2012)
  • Orchid Country Club (for venue and facilities sponsorship)
  • PI (for sponsoring prizes for amateur category)
  • LEE Foundation (for pitches/goals, boards)


Activities for 2013  Competition schedule
  • Leste CNY Competition WASPA (Feb 2013)
  • TFAS Cup (March 2013)
  • TFAS Championship (June 2013)
  • TFAS Merlion Cup (Dec 2013)
  • Super 8 WASPA (Pending)


  Promotion and Awareness
  • Organizing events/competitions in public spaces (e.g. malls)
  • Placement of promotional materials (e.g. posters)
  • Publications (e.g. newspaper, magazine, newsletter etc.)
  • Participation in public events (e.g. games booth)
  Spreading the various TFAS programs to corporate organizations
  • Team Building Program, using Table Football


  Introducing Table Football as an Interest Group with various organizations
  • Introductory Course
    • OCC (28 April 2013)
    • CSC (21 April 2013)
  • Full Course
    • Will initiate during the Introductory Course
  • Inter-generation bonding
    • NrichLC (1st and 4th Sunday, June 2013)
    • DadsForLife (??) – to select 3-4 schools to be the initial test-beds


  Collaborations with Asia partners to expand the game/sport in Asia (including participation in overseas tournaments)
  • Japan
    • Yokohama International Open Spring (14 April 2013)
    • Yokohama International Open Autumn (Pending)
    • Yokohama Year-End Event (December 2013, Pending)
  • Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong WASPA (Pending)
  • Malaysia
    • To initiate contact
  • Australia (??)
    • To initiate contact
  • World Cup
    • Madrid 6th – 9th September 2013

To send representatives (??)


  Sponsorship – continue to solicit for sponsorship for various goods/services
  • Subbuteo (for sponsoring official balls)
  • Venue sponsorship (for competition events) – Initiate contacts to public spaces owners to acquire Venue sponsorship for competition
  • Team Polo-Tees (??)


  Proposal to bid for FISTF World Cup 2014
  • Areas to Look at;
    • Venue
    • Playing pitches/goals/board
    • Food & Beverage
    • Prizes/gifts
    • Media promotion
    • Official Dinner (Opening/Closing)
    • $$$
    • Governmental/Statutory Boards approval and Support


Suggestions from members Creating a historical timeline/story of table football/subbuteo in Singapore
  • The committee will solicit for materials and personal to participate in this project/exercise
    • Newspaper archives
    • Personal interviews – past, present players (from different age and skill groups)
    • Past competition information/updates
Proposed Amendments to the Constitution  Membership open to only clubsOriginal Constitution indicated that membership are open to individualsProposal

To be amended to only clubs can be registered as membership of the association


  Lowering the age limit for votersOriginalVoters or office bearers have to be 21 years and above  Approved by members
  ProposalTo be amended to 18 years and above to allow participation of the younger playersIncrease the office term for Executive CommitteeOriginal

Office term is documented as 1 year


Office term to be increase to 2 years


Approved by members
Proposed Financial-related Matters
  • Membership fee proposal and approval


  • Approved by members – 3 tiers
    • Primary/Secondary level – $20 (one-time payment (to include a gift as per TFAS’s discretion e.g. 1 team set)
    • Polytechnic/Tertiary level – $30 per year
    • Working adults – $50 per year


  • iNETS proposal – to facilitate the collection of competition fees (and membership fees) via electronic booth means
    • Not Approved by members
      • This proposal is decided to be postponed (or re-proposed later) until when membership numbers are higher (e.g. > 100 active members)
  • Fees collection methods (e.g. tournaments, membership and others) – 3 methods
    • Approved by members
      • Collection at events
      • Internet Bank transfer
      • Mailing Cheque or postal orders
      • Details to be published on TFAS’s Website

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