Eastern Elias League Kicks off !!

Eastern Elias is gunning for a revival …

Eastern Elias Subbuteo Club logo


Basic rules:

There were around 14 players involved, with regular play sessions on Saturdays (and sometimes even Sundays)

The players will be grouped into 1 division with each player will be playing 2 games with each player (“home” and “away”).

The objective of this Easter Elias League is to conduct and allow regular competitive play for players, especially the younger and newer ones.  This way, the Eastern Elias team hope to revive and develop it further.

They also hope to be able to bring greater awareness to the public living in the Eastern sector and to play a bigger role and involvement with the Paris Ris Elias CC (especially the YEC).


The sessions on 20-21 April had both old and new players involved, and the general response from everyone was positive.  Everyone is happy that they are able to play more regularly and with the Paris Ris Elias arranging an assigned area for them (on the Second Floor, near the Hall) and also a storage area on the same floor (making moving and storing so much more convenient).

Basically everyone had a good time and taking the opportunity to polish up their skill and knowledge in preparation for the TFAS National Championship in June.

Below are some pictures of the proceedings …


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