TFAS conducts their 1st Introductory Course !!

TFAS conducted the 1st official Introductory course at OCC on 28 April 2013.

We had three participants;

1. Sammy, Arthur and Nico

They went through the basic skills and drills, which forms the foundation of playing Table Football.

1. Flicking

2. Touching

3. Passing

4. Shooting/Goalkeeping

Bonus: Defensive technique (Blocking)

Initially all the participants thought 3 hours was long to just learn these basics.  But as they learn and tried to apply them, it started to show that maybe 3 hours might not be enough.

They went through all the paces and practices … as they practice the drills, they started to deepen their understanding of the game/sport and appreciates the skills and knowledge of the more seasoned players.

We encouraged them play more and one of them (Arthur) was even game enough to sign up for the Amateur Category in June’s event !! Way to go !!!

We even had a guest coach travelling all the way from Hong Kong … Antonio !!


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