NP 50 celebrations … invites TFAS

Ngee Ann Polytechnic is celebrating their 50th birthday this year.mrlim_email_v2_b

As part of their celebration, they organized an “Fun & Games” event over 3 days … the theme of this event was RETRO GAMES & SPORTS !! trying to bring back the childhood games and sports which was played over the previous decade.

TFAS was invited to be part of this event as many of the staff (especially those at least 35 years old) remember fondly of SUBBUTEOTable Football.

During this event, TFAS brought along 2 pitches, balls and teams and organized 2 different sets of demonstrations and games.

1. Penalty shoot-outs

The objective is to try to create a mini-competition between two participants, to see which who can score more goals.  One will be shooting while the other will be the goalkeeper.

2. Mouse-hole shots

A barrier will be covering the goal, with a “mouse hole” cutout.  The objective is to try to score at least 3 goals out of five attempts from the middle line.

3. Game-play demonstrations

TFAS organized some players to be around to play some demonstration games and taking the opportunity to explain the different aspects of the game/sport.  Some onlookers were encouraged to try their hand …

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