Do you remember the this ? The Original Table Football/Soccer …

This is really a nostalgic moment … when we came across this “treasure” during a stock-take session at a youth clubhouse (Kebun Baru Community Sports Club Youth Chapter).

The first thing we (Kok Wee and John) exclaimed together … Oh My GOD !!! this is a thing from the past.  Definitely brings up memories of our childhood.

This was even before the time of SUBBUTEO … where we played table football with plastic men and a disc.  The objective was to press the plastic men onto the plastic disc and “spring” it off to pass.  The nearest “player” to the disc gets procession of the “disc”.

It is played on a green cardboard, with the usual markings.  The goals were made of soft rubberized plastic.

Just watch the pictures … and let the memories flow !!


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