Outreach at Leisure Park, Kallang in June 2013

We did an outreach at Leisure Park, Kallang in conjunction with the TFAS national Competition 2013.

Below are the pictures of the crowd which stopped and watch the games being played.  Raw unbridled emotion, excitement and frustrations was all in the open … and the crowd lapped it all up.

There was also a booth where equipment was also for sale.  Sale was slow but picked up as the days went by and more games were being played and watched.

 We even had groups of foreigners/expatiates (and their kids) asking about the game.  Some even was so interested that they stayed and we conducted a mini introductory session for them.

Kenzo and Hideaki from Japan was also a participant and they managed to conduct 1 session entirely in Japanese to a group of Japanese kids.  Hopefully the kids would join in the local playing circuit and join the Japanese circuit when they return to Japan.


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