SGPL League showdown – 6th October 2013

STFPL-LogoBadgeThe next SGPL showdown will be happening soon!!

Arena : Aranda Lounge, Orchid Country Club
Time : 10am onwards

Nearly all players (except for Ezan, who is outstation) in the league have committed to be present for this round of games. With many players raising their bar towards the end of this pilot season, it certainly looks like there will be some frantic jostling towards the top of the league table.

Calling all other players, do come by for this day full of close table football action. Bring yoru teams, for there will be space for some friendly flicks as well!

For everyone else, it doesn’t matter if you do not play the game… come by and enjoy the fun and excitement of the matches!
Who knows, you may be part of the league next year!!


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