SG Table Football Premier League (after games on 13 Oct 2013)

In a flash!… another week have passed… and yet another match day in the SG Table Football Premier League have been completed with the following results (highlighted)…

This is a make-up match day to aid players whom are unable to make the earlier match days to make up some of their games.


With the above results, there are some minor movements in the league at standings and here is the table…


*all players, please verify the results and do drop us a line if there is any discrepency

A total of 8 games were covered in the make-up day, and that leaves a remaining 44 matches before the conclusion of the League for the year 2013.

The next session is scheduled to happen on the 03 November 2013 at the ARANDA Lounge, Orchid Country Club. Kick-off will be as usual at 10am.


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