SGTF Premier / Junior League Announcement to All League Players

Date: 11 Feb 2014

Please note that the following shall be implemented starting from March’s designated Match Day (i.e. 9 Mar 2014) onwards with regards to the treatment of ‘unplayed games’ come Dec 2014 when the season needs to be concluded.

1. Unplayed games between 2 players shall be awarded as a 1-0 win to the player with the higher overall attendance throughout the season.

2. In the event that both players have the same attendance, it shall be a 0-0 draw.

3. Attendance is counted only for designated Match Days (i.e. the 2nd Sunday of each month).  Make-up Match Days do not count.

4. In addition, a player’s attendance is counted only if he/she has been involved (either as player or referee) for a minimum number of games on that Match Day.  The minimum for the Premier League is 4 games while that for the Junior League is 3 games.  The rationale for this is to be fair to players who make the effort to stay and be involved in a certain number of minimum games & to help prevent a fixture crunch at the end of the season.

5. For Premier League players who are assigned as ‘referee’ or ‘referee supervisor’ for the Junior League games, these games count towards their ‘involved games’ to qualify for attendance.

The above is formulated on the basis of feedback from last season & on observations from the first 2 designated Match Days thus far.  It is also aligned with the aims of the League which is to encourage regular & sustained involvement on designated Match Days throughout the season.  Note that ad-hoc make-up Match Days will still be scheduled as appropriate for players to ‘catch-up’ on games.  The above are only applied at the end of the season in the unfortunate event that there are still ‘unplayed games’ despite the efforts of all players & organisers.

Thank you all players for your attention, kind understanding & cooperation.

For the LOVE OF THE GAME !! …

* Premier League players with children playing in the Junior League, please help to convey & explain this announcement.  Thanks!


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