SG Table Football Premier League 2014 (ad-hoc Make-up : 16/02/2014)

There was and ad-hoc make up play session on 16 February 2014, at our usual league ground.

A total of 5 players managed to turn up and covered quite a few games.

Here are the scores for the day (highlighted)…

Scores 16022014

and with those scores, the table reads…

Table 16022014

As you can see, although only a few games were played, it did have some significant effect on the table.

This is how close this year’s competition is can be…

The next make up session is scheduled to happen on 23 Feb 2014.
So do drop by Aranda Lounge at Orchid Country Club for yet another day of exciting Table Football action!

Till then… Cheers!!


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