SG Table Football Junior League 2014 (ad-hoc Make-up : 22/03/2014)

An ad-hoc make-up Match Day was held on 22 March 2014 after the conclusion of the TFAS Cup proper.  6 players had their first bow and made their debuts in the Junior League to kick-off their League campaign.  A total of 8 matches was played.  Below are the scores highlighted in yellow …

SGJL2014_22 Mar 2014_score

After this round of games, there is no change of leadership.  In fact, the top 3 remains unchanged … Chihiro remains top of the table followed by Asyraf and Bhavin.  However, Jocelyn, Giovanni and Isaac did made significant climbs up the table!!

SGJL2014_22 Mar 2014_league

Stay tuned for the next Match Day scheduled for the 13 April 2014 …


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