SG Table Football Premier League 2014 (ad-hoc Make-up : 24/08/2014)

The SG Table Football Premier League had a make-up matchday today (24/08/2014).  A total of 10 players attended and played a total of 19 games.  2 games stood out as the senior pair of Subbuteo-playing Lim Brothers (Arthur and Bernard) pulled off shock results.  Arthur defeated Michael 1-0 while Bernard managed to hold out for a 1-0 win over Ouabi – against all odds – after taking an unexpected early lead.  This is Ouabi’s – the all-conquering table-topping League leader – very 1st defeat on the shores of Singapore.  Elsewhere, Den Mulia reclaim his rightful 2nd spot behind Ouabi with 4 victories and just 1 defeat to Ouabi by a single solitary goal.

Here are the scores for the games played in the Premier League (highlighted)…


And the current Premier League Table looks like this …



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