SG Table Football Premier League 2014 (ad-hoc Make-up : 28/09/2014)

The SG Table Football Premier League had a make-up matchday today (28/09/2014) at Stadium De Imagio.  A total of 6 Premier League games were played with our Rochefort World Cup hero, Rudy Hesty Roselan, making his 1st appearance on the local table football scene since his history-making exploits at the World Cup.  He continued his great form at the World Cup with a 100% record today – winning all his 4 games to move up to 3rd place.

Runaway leader Ouabi Rouis notched up another 2 wins in his charge towards the League title … at the same time breaching the 100-goal mark by scoring his 101st and 102nd goals of the campaign!!  With still 6 games to play before he wraps up his season, stay tune for more record-breaking feats from our French friend …

Here are the scores for the games played in the Premier League (highlighted)…


And the current Premier League Table looks like this …



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