Lions WASPA @ Singapore Sports Hub

An ad-hoc WASPA event was organised in-lieu of the SG Premier League on 9 Nov 2014 at the Singapore Sports Hub Library. Below is the full report by Rudy Hesty Roselan …


IMG-20141109-WA0002The Players with John Ho (L-R): John Ho, Den Mulia Yusni, Kok Wee Tan (standing), Nic Tan (kneeling), Arthur Lim, Nur Hashim, Vikas Chandiramani, Rudy Hesty Roselan

7 players participated in the mini event organised by Vikas.  Players were drawn into two groups with the winner of group progressing to the finals.

Group A comprising of experienced players: Vikas, Nic Tan and Arthur Lim while Group B was a tough group comprising of past WASPA winners: Den Mulia, Rudy and Kok Wee plus underdog, Hashim.

With only winner of the group progressing to the finals, the games were played in a no-holds-barred fashion … fast and furious.  In the end Vikas and Rudy qualify tops of their groups.

It was the 1st final for Vikas after many years thus making the final a battle between two different generation of players.  Both having contrast styles, with Vikas known for his long range shooting while Rudy his fast-flicking approach.  The game was tensed and both had their chances; however in the end, Rudy’s shooting was more clinical and in the end, Rudy won the event.

IMG-20141109-WA0003The Finalists (L-R): Vikas and Rudy

Group A
0 Nic v Vikas 2
1 Vikas v Arthur 0
2 Arthur v Nic 1

Group B
0 Den v Rudy 0
4 Kok Wee v Hashim 0
4 Rudy v Kok Wee 2
3 Den v Hashim 0
5 Rudy v Hashim 0
1 Den v Kok Wee 0

5th/6th Placing
1 Kok Wee v Nic 1 (Kok Wee win on penalties)

3rd/4th Placing
2 Den v Arthur Lim 0

4 Rudy v Vikas 0

IMG-20141109-WA0004The Winner: Rudy


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