TFAS Executive Committee – Call for Nominations


Dear fellow flickers in the Singapore Table Football Community,

With the increase in passionate players; the increase in new competitions / initiatives (such as the Championship League, Mini-Tournaments, Satellite Leagues, Coaching Clinics, etc); and new upcoming plans for more TFAS-affiliated clubs, I have decided to initiate a Nomination and subsequent Voting process that will officially form the TFAS Executive Committee to better bring the Association into the new year.  This process will end with the official announcement and official registration of the committee (as required by ROS).

This process will be carried out via email channel and will begin by 31 Dec 2014 and end by 1 Mar 2015.   The nomination request email will be sent to all registered emails in our website.  Upon receipt of this email, please forward your wise nomination and encouragement to other players in the community to take part in this important process.  See below for details of the process and timelines.

Thank you all and wishing everyone a Super Flicking New Year!!

Yours sincerely,
Tan Kok Wee
Table Football Association of Singapore


The TFAS Executive Committee is the highest decision-making body for Sports Table Football in Singapore.  It is responsible for formulating, implementing and executing strategies and plans to achieve the goals of TFAS.  Nominations are being sought for 1 candidate for each of the below positions 1-7; and 3 candidates for position 8 (see below for the Roles and Responsibilities of each position).

The President together with 2 members of the current TFAS Executive Committee, shall oversee and manage the entire process (i.e. tallying the nomination returns; announcing the top 3 nominees for each position for subsequent voting; tallying the votes; and announcing the elected appointment holders).  A 3-person team ensures checks-and-balances throughout the whole process; and at the same time retain the secrecy of the nomination/voting choices.  Timelines as follows:

– Call for Nomination emails out by 31 Dec 2014
– Nomination close by 21 Jan 2015
– Nomination results and Call for Voting announce on website by 25 Jan 2015
– Call for Voting emails out by 28 Jan 2015
– Voting close by 31 Mar 2015 – extended
– Voting results announce on website by 5 Apr 2015

Each registered email on TFAS website has 1 nomination/vote.  Should multiple replies be received from the same email, only the 1st email reply shall be considered.  The nominees must be Singaporeans.  While a person may be nominated for more than 1 position, members are reminded to be realistic and consider the capabilities of the person and the practicality of such a nomination.  In the event of a tie or any other infeasible outcome, the 3-person team shall confer and decide on the final resolution.

TFAS Executive Committee – Roles and Responsibilities

1. President
Responsible for all aspects of Sports Table Football in Singapore. Provide overall leadership and direction to all Executive Committee members. Has the right of veto for decisions where there are no majority vote.

2. Treasurer
Responsible for all financial matters of TFAS. Formulate and manage annual operating budget, track income and expenditures; and maintain clear accounting records for updates to Executive Committee and for reporting purposes to relevant authorities.

3. Secretary
Responsible for organising quarterly Executive Committee Meetings. Record minutes of meeting and track action items arising from these meetings. Also responsible to maintain the master list of players’ contact details. This list includes all players in Singapore be it newcomers, existing, licensed or unlicensed.

4. Sports Director (Recruitment & Retention)
Responsible for the recruitment and retention of new players to enlarge the Sports Table Football playing population in Singapore. Lead initiatives and programmes to introduce the game to newcomers and sustain their interest via regular coaching clinics and flick sessions. Also to work closely with TFAS-affiliated clubs and harness their efforts towards this objective.

5. Sports Director (Competition & Ranking)
Responsible to maintain the complete list of licensed players in Singapore and the issuance of licenses for submission to FISTF. Responsible for the administration of FISTF sanctioned tournaments organised by TFAS in accordance to FISTF requirements and the submission of the complete results to FISTF. Also responsible for the administration of the SG Ranking for all competitions sanctioned by TFAS; and the regular updates on TFAS website for these competitions.

6. Sports Director (League)
Responsible for the running of Singapore’s National League (i.e. the SG Table Football League) with the aim of making the top-tier the most prestigious League in Singapore where the top-ranked and best players in Singapore compete; and at the same time catering to up-and-coming players (both adults and youngsters) with a multi-tier structure comprising of promotion/relegation concept to hone their skills and improve the competitiveness of players in Singapore.

7. Sports Director (Rules)
Responsible for the consistent interpretation and application of the rules of Sports Table Football in Singapore as prescribed in the FISTF Sports Rules. Act as the Chief Referee in tournaments organised by TFAS. Also act as the contact person with FISTF to represent TFAS in all matters relating to Sports Rules.

8. Committee Members
Responsible to lead or assist in the implementation of TFAS projects and initiatives to promote, grow and develop Sports Table Football in Singapore. Together with the above appointment holders, they form the TFAS Executive Committee with each member holding 1 decision-making vote.


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