2015 TFAS Cup (International Open of Singapore) on 14-15 March 2015 @ Singapore Sports Hub Library

On the weekend of 14-15 March 2015, the 2015 edition of the TFAS Cup – a International Open of Singapore – took place at the Singapore Sports Hub Library.  It was a truly ‘international affair’ with players from Australia (Rafaelle Lombardi), Belgium (Stephane Lambert), Hong Kong (Antonio Carabillo), Indonesia (Arudyo Putro, Majee Nolizam) and Malaysia (Altaf Niyas, Armin and Irman Farizul) joining the local Singapore players for the event.

Over the 2-day event, 4 competitions was organized: (1) Individual U19 FISTF IO, (2) Team Open; (3) Individual Open FISTF IO; and (4) Individual Plate WASPA

14 March 2015 – Day 1


A total of 12 U19 players contested for the 2015 TFAS Cup U19 Champion title in a SWISS format of 4 rounds.  The top 2 players then play-off for the right to be called Champion and Runners-Up respectively; while the next 2 players in the standings play-off for Third and Fourth placing.



The Third and Fourth play-off match was between the Lim brothers of Isaac and Luke.  Luke proved the calmer of the pair as he repeated his 1-0 win over Isaac during the preliminaries with another 1-0 win to claim Third place.

The Final was between Giovanni and Chihiro – who pipped Isaac to the Final play-off with a late winning goal in Round 4 of the preliminaries.  Giovanni comfortably repeated his earlier 4-0 victory over Chihiro to emerge Champion with another 3-0 win!!


(L-R): Luke Lim (U19 Third), Giovanni Choong (U19 Champion), Mr Ezrielshah (SHL Coordinator), Chihiro Takao (U19 Runner-Up), Isaac Lim (U19 Fourth)

The Team Open had a total of 28 players allocated into 4 different pots based on their FISTF World Rankings.  1 player each was drawn from each of the 4 pots to form a total of 7 teams.  The 7 teams contested 3 rounds of the SWISS system with the top 2 teams playing off in the Team Final.  The 7 teams were as follows:


The results of the 3 rounds of competition were as follows (Team X was included as required by the SWISS system):




In the Team Final, Bulldog Bravo defeated A-Team Alpha 2-1 to claim the Team Event Champion!!


Team Champion: Bulldog Bravo

(L-R): Antonio Carabillio (Team Captain), Chiro Takao, Mr Ezrielshah (SHL Coordinator), Altaf Niyas, Majee Nolizam, Mr Kok Wee Tan (TFAS President)


Team Runner-Up: A-Team Alpha

(L-R): Mr Ezrielshah (SHL Coordinator), Luke Lim, John Ho (Team Captain), Amrin Farizul, Irwan Iskandar, Mr Kok Wee Tan (TFAS President)

15 March 2015 – Day 2


The 2nd day of the event saw a total of 28 players in the Individual Open event played in accordance to FISTF guidelines.  At the end of the Group stage, the standings are as follows:


Players who qualified for the Group stages went ahead with a Barrage round, followed by the traditional Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, 3rd/4th Placings and the Final.  The full results as follows:


At the end of the day, Den Mulia emerged Champions, Rudy came in Runners-Up; while Antonio claimed Third and Anas finished Fourth … Congrats to the winners!!

On the side of the main event, players who did not qualify from the Group stage proceeded to the knock-out Plate Event which was a registered WASPA tournament.  Players of the Plate Event together with our TFAS President were seen below.


The full results of the Plate Event were as follows:


By the end of the day, the Plate Final was a tight affair between the visiting Rafaelle (of Sydney Paramatta) and Singapore’s very own up-and-coming young adult Noor Haikal.  Both played out an exciting final with each scoring 1 after another to finish the game 2-2 at full-time; thus bringing the game into extra-time.  During the overtime period, the experience of the more matured Rafaelle made all the difference as he scored another goal to edge out Noor Haikal by the odd goal!!

Rafaelle’s victory in the Plate Event made his long journey from Sydney Australia to our shores of Singapore worthwhile indeed!!

Congratulations to all winners!!


(L-R): Noor Haikal Sabah (Plate Runner-Up), Rafaelle Lombardi (Plate Winner), Antonio Carabillo (Open Third), Den Mulia Yusni (Open Champion), Rudy Hesty Roselan (Open Runner-Up), Anas Rahamat (Open Fourth)


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