FISTF World Cup 2013 – Singapore Team

FISTF World Cup 2013 – Singapore Team Singapore is the first nation outside of Europe that have sent its registration on the FISTF World Cup 2013. After the presence in Manchester 2013 with John Ho Shiong Bock and  Tan Kok Wee, both on the Open Category, now it is the time of Den Mulia YusniContinue reading “FISTF World Cup 2013 – Singapore Team”

Official TFAS Competition Balls … Sponsored by Subbuteo !!

TFAS is pleased to announced Subbuteo has sponsored the competition balls for the season 2013 !!! All TFAS organized competition will be using the sponsored balls to ensure a level playing field.  The balls are printed with Subbuteo and their logo.  They conform to the FISTF rules and regulations, concerning weight, size and shape. The balls areContinue reading “Official TFAS Competition Balls … Sponsored by Subbuteo !!”

Latest Ranking result is released (as of 15 May 2013) !!

The latest Ranking result is released (as of 15 May 2013). The ranking table is extracted from the official World Ranking (maintained by FISTF) and consists of players based in Asia and Oceania. Click here to view them …

TFAS @ Yokohama International Open Spring 2013 …

At the recent Yokohama International Open Spring 2013, there were 13 players participating (including 3 foreigners, Antonio Carabillo, Cédric Garnier and John Ho). The players were split into 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4, and the pre-match warm-ups got underway. Also … Subbuteo sponsored the competition balls for the event. During the group stages, thereContinue reading “TFAS @ Yokohama International Open Spring 2013 …”