Competition @ Yokohama, Japan !!

There will be a competition in Yokohama, Japan on 30 November 2013 (Saturday). TFAS will be preparing to send a group of local players to participate in this event. If you are interested, please send us a email, with the subject: Competition @ Yokohama Japan (30 Nov 2013). Details can be found in the posterContinue reading “Competition @ Yokohama, Japan !!”

Singapore Premier League (SGPL) 2013/2014

TFAS is organizing a Singapore Premier League (SGPL) 2013/2014 … It will consists of the selected few within the ranks of players based in Singapore … TFAS is looking at the top 12 players to compete against each other, in a home/away format, to determine to TOP Player in Singapore.  It will be a testContinue reading “Singapore Premier League (SGPL) 2013/2014”

Reminder: Training course with Orchid Country Club, 25 Aug 2013

For those that is still considering … Don’t hesitate anymore.  JUST FLICK IT !!! Click here to join the fun … ——————————— Orchid Country Club (OCC) and TFAS is arranging an Sports Table Football Introductory Course, to be held at OCC. Through this Introductory Course, the objective is to introduce new players to “bite-size” componentsContinue reading “Reminder: Training course with Orchid Country Club, 25 Aug 2013”

Outreach at Leisure Park, Kallang in June 2013

We did an outreach at Leisure Park, Kallang in conjunction with the TFAS national Competition 2013. Below are the pictures of the crowd which stopped and watch the games being played.  Raw unbridled emotion, excitement and frustrations was all in the open … and the crowd lapped it all up. There was also a boothContinue reading “Outreach at Leisure Park, Kallang in June 2013”

Do you remember the this ? The Original Table Football/Soccer …

This is really a nostalgic moment … when we came across this “treasure” during a stock-take session at a youth clubhouse (Kebun Baru Community Sports Club Youth Chapter). The first thing we (Kok Wee and John) exclaimed together … Oh My GOD !!! this is a thing from the past.  Definitely brings up memories of ourContinue reading “Do you remember the this ? The Original Table Football/Soccer …”

Program for TFAS National Championship, 22-23 June 2013

Dear All, The program for the TFAS National Championship is … Date Time Event 22 June 2013, Saturday 10:00am – 10:30am Registration for the Amateur/U19 event 10:30am – 11:00am Draw for Amateur/U19 competition 11:00am – 3:00pm Amateur/U19 competition begins 3:00pm – 3:30pm Draw for Internationals Vs Local Kampong 3:30pm – 4:30pm Internationals Vs Local KampongContinue reading “Program for TFAS National Championship, 22-23 June 2013”

TFAS Partnership with JWE Art & Design …

TFAS is happy and proud to announce that a partnership has been forged with JWE Art & Design. They have been helping to design the wonderful and eye-catching posters for the recent TFAS events since Dec 2012.  So far all the designs have received numerous positive responses from various parties, both local and aboard. TFAS hopes thisContinue reading “TFAS Partnership with JWE Art & Design …”

Latest Ranking result is released (as of 15 May 2013) !!

The latest Ranking result is released (as of 15 May 2013). The ranking table is extracted from the official World Ranking (maintained by FISTF) and consists of players based in Asia and Oceania. Click here to view them …

Videos of Table Football/Subbuteo

Hi Everyone … We are collecting and compiling videos of Table Football/Subbuteo, from various events and competitions.  These takes place from all around the world … Please do browse and enjoy them.  Click here to view them. If there is a video which you would like to be part of this collection, please do notContinue reading “Videos of Table Football/Subbuteo”