TFAS Cup 2013 – Program update

Please be reminded that the TFAS Cup 2013 will be held this weekend (16-17 March 2013), held at Orchid Country Club (Ruby Suite).  Below is the schedule for the two days. 16 March 2013, Saturday  Amateur/U19 11:00am Tables are open for Warm-up/Practice  (combined Categories) 12:00 noon Registration starts   12:30pm Draw + Briefing   1:00pmContinue reading “TFAS Cup 2013 – Program update”

Leste’ Aquila League Kicks off in March !!

Leste Aquila is organizing their internal League and play sessions. If you are interested, please go to their FB page and register. Alternatively, you could contact Michael Choong or Rudy Hesty for more details. Venue: 340 Jurong East Ave 1, Singapore 600340 Timing: 10am – 4pm Dates: 30 March 27 April 25 May  

Updates, FISTF World Cup 2013

The FISTF Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the FISTF World Cup 2013 will take place in Madrid – Spain on the 6th, 7th and 8th September 2013. This event will be a joint organization of the FISTF and the AEFM – Asociación Española Fútbol Mesa (Spanish Association of Table Football). Like ManchesterContinue reading “Updates, FISTF World Cup 2013”

Minutes of FISTF EGM, held 02 Feb 2013

Dear Everyone, FISTF held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on the 2nd February 2013 in Issy. These minutes do not include information about the accounts of the World Cup 2012 in Manchester due to still some missing information.  This has been requested to the former FISTF President. Click here FISTF_Ref_03_2013_annex_EGM_Minutes to view or download.  

Possible Collaboration with Subbuteo Japan …

Possible Collaboration with Subbuteo Japan A discussion has been initiated with Subbuteo Japan (日本おはじきサッカー協会, Nihon Ohajiki Soccer Kyokai Subbuteo Japan) on the possibility of having a mutually arranged competition schedule. This will allow the opportunity of players from both countries to “cross over” and play in each other’s competitions.  This might also include a competition which wouldContinue reading “Possible Collaboration with Subbuteo Japan …”

Introductory Training Course @ Orchid Country Club !!

Orchid Country Club (OCC) and TFAS is arranging an Sports Table Football Introductory Course, to be held at OCC. Through this Introductory Course, the objective is to introduce new players to “bite-size” components of the game/sport. Click here for course structure and registration form.

TFAS Cup 2013 – An Update

TFAS Cup 2013 … an update !! Orchid Country Club has agreed to sponsor and provide the venue for the upcoming TFAS Cup 2013, held 16-17 March 2013. It will be held at the RUBY SUITE !! Please refer to the poster for timings.

Training Courses, by TFAS

TFAS has develop training courses, catering to different categories of  players and skill levels. 1. Introductory Course 2. Full Course/Refresher Introductory Course Full Course/Refresher Target Participants: First time players, novice Those undergone Introductory Course, Beginners, past players seeking fresher Objectives: To let participants experience the basics of playing the game. Instructions includes specific components/skillset ofContinue reading “Training Courses, by TFAS”

TFAS does the Harlem Shake !!

Today TFAS had a joint event with Leste’ Aquila, under WASPA’s banner. The event was a success, with around 18 players.  As usual, there were excitement and pressure surrounding all the players and matches. To “shoot” off some steam … suddenly everyone broke into the Harlem Shake !!! When is the event starting ? Let’s doContinue reading “TFAS does the Harlem Shake !!”