TFAS does the Harlem Shake !!

Today TFAS had a joint event with Leste’ Aquila, under WASPA’s banner. The event was a success, with around 18 players.  As usual, there were excitement and pressure surrounding all the players and matches. To “shoot” off some steam … suddenly everyone broke into the Harlem Shake !!! When is the event starting ? Let’s doContinue reading “TFAS does the Harlem Shake !!”

In the Box: Subbuteo – Alive & Flicking … Finally a photobook

Finally a photobook revealing the present-day culture and idiosyncrasies of the largely unseen sporting world of Subbuteo !!! This photobook is created by Tom Groves, a photographer which has traveled to various events and competition around Europe.  During these sessions, he tries to capture the TRUE PASSION and EXCITEMENT, arising from the game/sport. In the Box documentsContinue reading “In the Box: Subbuteo – Alive & Flicking … Finally a photobook”

Official balls for TFAS’s Competition, sponsored by Subbuteo

TFAS is please to announced that Subbuteo is the official sponsor of balls for all TFAS’s competitions in 2013. As the Table Football Association of Singapore, we strive to have a level playing field among all participants in our competitions.  This includes the main equipment such as the Pitch, the Playing Board, the Goal andContinue reading “Official balls for TFAS’s Competition, sponsored by Subbuteo”

Letter from President, FISTF

Below is the letter from President, FISTF, Luís Filipe Horta, during the revealing of the new Board of Directors. ============================ Ref. 1-2013-PR February 5th, 2013 Dear Presidents, Gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to accept the task of re-building our wonderful game and sport by accepting the role of FISTF President. In the name of allContinue reading “Letter from President, FISTF”

TFAS Cup – Registration and Competition Fees collection

Dear All Participants, Thank you for registering for the forthcoming TFAS Cup.  For those that has not registered, please do so by clicking here. Please be aware the deadline for early bird fees is approaching fast (it is only applicable if the fees are collected by the deadline, 28 Feb 2013). To facilitate fees collection, there are twoContinue reading “TFAS Cup – Registration and Competition Fees collection”

TFAS AGM Ex-Co Nomination 2013/2014

Hi Hi everyone, As you may know, TFAS’s AGM will be held on 16 March 2013 (Saturday).  During this AGM, there would be an election of the Ex-Co Board. The Board consists of; 1. President 2. Treasurer 3. Secretary 4. Committee members (3 – 6 members) The current Ex-Co board can be found at About TFAS Organization.Continue reading “TFAS AGM Ex-Co Nomination 2013/2014”

Latest Ranking result is released (as of 31 Jan 2013) !!

The latest Ranking result is released (as of 31 Jan 2013). The ranking table is extracted from the official World Ranking (maintained by FISTF) and consists of players based in Asia and Oceania. Click here to view them …

Newly elected Board of Directors, FISTF

There was a AGM/EGM held 02 Feb 2013 and the newly elected Board of Directors are; President – Luís Filipe Horta (Portugal) General Secretary – Vincent Coppenolle (Belgium) Finances – Fred Vulpes (Germany) Sports – Giorgio Drazinakis (Greece) Marketing&Promotion – Thomas Petersen (Denmark) Communication – Joe Zammit Pavia (Malta) Honourary Committee member – Alan Collins WeContinue reading “Newly elected Board of Directors, FISTF”

TFAS conducts Colouring Session at ARC Children Centre

TFAS was fortunate to be able to conduct a colouring session with the children at ARC Children Centre.  The Centre is dedicated to nurturing and enriching the lives of children with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses, in a joyful and healthy environment. This idea was the brainchild of  John Ho, who does some volunteering workContinue reading “TFAS conducts Colouring Session at ARC Children Centre”