Luigi Buffon talks about Subbuteo in this interview

How old were you when you started playing Subbuteo? -I started playing when I was 5 Do you remember who gave you your first Subbuteo? – My grandparents gave it to me on Christmas Do you still play? – Unfortunately I don’t have time to play, but I would love to Do you ever playContinue reading “Luigi Buffon talks about Subbuteo in this interview”

History – 1994 Subbuteo World Championships, Chicago USA

Diego Venegas (ESP) Yusni Bin Amir Den Mulia (SGP) Martin Taylor (IRL) Jon Schulz (USA) Pablo Goldberg (ARG) Dominique De Marco (BEL) Davide Massino (ITA) Leslie Bonello (MLT) Patrick de Jong (NED) Derek Sansone (SCO) Christophe Fuseau (FRA) Andreas Christensen (GER) Darren Clark (ENG) Trevor Cummings (NIR) Camilo A. Giedelmann (COL) Carl Young (WAL) AggelosContinue reading “History – 1994 Subbuteo World Championships, Chicago USA”

Subbuteo image contest

Join the photo contest by sending  us an image related to Subbuteo along with yourcontact details to We accept all kinds of images, from photographs toillustrations, as long as they are in jpg format and that the main theme is Subbuteo. You can only send one image per participant. The deadline for receipt of the images will beuntil February 20, 2013. All images of participants will be posted on our website. Subbuteo reserves the right not to publish the images that are considered outside the context of the competition or that may offend the sensibilities of other users. TheContinue reading “Subbuteo image contest”

The story of “Keep Calm and Carry On” …

Dear fellow flickers, This simple phrase and poster has been posted, shared, edited and trivialized.  But the true message of the origin poster still brings meaning to all that we do, especially when we are faced with trouble, obstacles, grief and adversity. This is sometimes the situation we face in life and on the pitch, wheneverContinue reading “The story of “Keep Calm and Carry On” …”

New “Subbuteo Table Football in Singapore” Video in the making … ?

New “Subbuteo Table Football in Singapore” Video in the making … ? There is a rumor that a new video showcasing Subbuteo Table Football in Singapore is being filmed. A casual passer-by happen to walk past a film location.  Curious … the person took a closer look and discovered a group with filming and lightingContinue reading “New “Subbuteo Table Football in Singapore” Video in the making … ?”


TFAS Annual General Meeting (AGM) The AGM will be held on 16 March 2013 (Saturday). Timing: 4pm – 6pm Venue: TBC Agenda (Tentative): 1. Summary of Activities 2012 – Competition structure – League competition progress, structure and suggestions to improve commitment 3. Financial Statement Status Update 4. Club Setup Handbook – Introduction and Launch 5.Continue reading “TFAS AGM 2013”