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In addition to the programme details above, pls note the below pointers:
@ 1-min half-time change-over and 4-min interval in between games will be adopted
@ fixtures list with referee info and respective timing will be posted in the respective tournament whatsapp chat group after the draw is made so all aware of their match timing and referee duties
@ no further waiting time for latecomers and a walkover will be awarded in his opponent favour with a 3-0 scoreline
@ in the Team Open and Individual Open events, games involving a U15 player and an older player will be capped to a max of 5 goals margin should the older player win. eg. if older player wins 8-1, score recorded as 6-1
@ details of Team Open Event format and how the teams are formed will be announced during the draw

** Note that the above Individual Events are FISTF ‘Grand Prix (GP)’ Tournament.  The Open Individual Plate Event is a ‘WASPA’ Tournament; while the Open Team Event remains part of the GP Tournament.  Participants will be allocated into the respective teams on the day itself.