A FISTF Member Nation

The Table Football Association of Singapore (TFAS) is the governing body of Sports Table Football in Singapore.  TFAS, representing Singapore, is a Member Nation of the Federation of International Sports Table Football (FISTF) – the World’s governing body of Sports Table Football.  As a member of the wider Sports Table Football community around the world and a Member Nation of FISTF, TFAS works closely with FISTF in all aspects of the game.

From time to time, FISTF issues Directives, Circulars and/or Announcements on various aspects of the game to its Member Nations for dissemination to their respective licensed players for strict compliance and/or for information.  All players licensed by TFAS are to take note for strict compliance and/or for information.  Thank you.

Below is the list of Directives, Circulars and/or Announcements issued by FISTF :-

1) FISTF Directives (Ref: 14-2014) Dated 8 May 2014 – Goalkeepers Homologation & Dimensions

2) FISTF Circular (Ref: 23-2014) Dated 11 Aug 2014 – New version (5.0) of FISTF Sports Rules



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