Table Football (Subbuteo) featured in PA’s Youth Chapter Sharing

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Table Football (Subbuteo) was shared and feature as one of the many activities introduced to the youth community in various suburban areas in Singapore.

In Jurong Central Zone D, a group of friends got together to form a Table Football (Subbuteo) Club and named it Leste’ Aquila …

Leste’ Aquila is a Table Football a.k.a Subbuteo club is an RCYC project formed and supported by Jurong Central Zone G RC RCYC and recognized by TFAS(Table Football Association Of Singapore).

Their aim is to promote this wonderful game of table football to people around Singapore especially those people who are staying in the west side of Singapore mainly Jurong.

Their training and playing session will be at Jurong RC zone 5 @Block 340 Jurong East Ave 1. So for those who are interested to join, contact them via their facebook.

Leste’ Aquila Table Football/Subbuteo Club

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Subbuteo & Sports Table Football featured in FourFourTwo magazine !!!

Subbuteo & Sports Table Football featured in FourFourTwo magazine !!!

Main picture showing Singapore reps warming up during the recent FISTF World Cup 2012 @ Etihad Stadium, Manchester (UK).

The Singapore reps are Tan Kok Wee (Left) and John Ho (Right), watched on by the Danish U12 Team.


London Toy Fair 2013 (19 Jan)… Subbuteo to feature TFAS !!!

London Toy Fair 2013 (19 Jan)… Subbuteo to feature TFAS !!!

Subbuteo is featuring TFAS and their activities to promote the game/sport in Singapore.

Keep tuned for more updates on this development …

If you are interested to know more about London Toy Fair 2013, held 22-24 Jan. Click on the photo below.


TFAS Cup Registration – 16-17 Mar 2013

TFAS Cup Registration – 16-17 Mar 2013

TFAS CUP 2013 poster

This is registration form for TFAS CUP, 16-17 March 2013 (Sat/Sun).

Please complete the form and indicate the categories which you are participating in and send it in.

Registration fees, as follows;

Early Bird (EB) rate

Valid till 28 Feb 2013

1 category

2 categories

(10% discount)

3 categories

(15% discount)

Working Adults (incl. serving national service)




Full Time Students (up to Polytechnic Level)




Normal rate

1 category

2 categories

(10% discount)

3 categories

(15% discount)

Working Adults (incl. serving national service)




Full Time Students (up to Polytechnic Level)




Rates are effective respective to date of payment and not date of registration

Registration is only confirmed upon payment

FISTF World Rankings is released, correct as of 30 Nov 2012

The FISTF World Ranking is released and is correct as of 30 Nov 2012.

We have extracted the ranking information for players based in Asia and Oceania.  There are two sets of ranking presented, World Ranking and Asian Ranking.

For World Ranking, there are two main categories;

1. Ladies Category (highlighted in purple)

2. Open Category (for males)

Under Asian Ranking, there is no separation of gender as all competitions currently played within Asia and Oceania are open to both genders.

Please refer to our “FISTF World Ranking” page to view the details.

Merlion Cup 2012 @Orchid Country Club

There were three categories played;


This category is mainly for new players or returning players which has not played competitively for more than 5 years.  This is to help cultivate new players, giving them ample time to gain experience, new skills and knowledge of the game/sport.  Through this category, there were four Father-Son/Daughter teams, giving them additional opportunity to bond.


This category was for everyone, especially those more seasoned players.

Internationals Vs Local Boys

This category is to foster closer friendship between our international friends and the local group.

TFAS Merlion Cup 2012 2013 poster Subbuteo

TODAY speaks to the Table Football Association on Singapore

Published on Dec 07, 2012

by Alywin Chew

The Table Football Association on Singapore talk to us about the club’s beginnings, their plans to revive the game in the country and why they love table football.

Football at your fingertips

A group of enthusiasts are hoping to bring back the glory days of a nostalgic game

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