Singapore wins Asian Cup in Sports Table Football !!

Team Singapore wins the Asian Cup 2017 in Japan !!

Singapore wins Asian Cup in Sports Table Football

Team Singapore wins the Asian Cup 2017 in Japan !!

Team Singapore wins the Asian Cup 2017 in Japan !!

Tokyo, Japan 10 & 11 June 2017 – Singapore made history by winning the Asian Cup for the 3rd consecutive year. The heroic feat in Tokyo came after similar successes in Melbourne in 2015 and Singapore in 2016. This year’s competition was hosted by Japan at the Adachi City, Tokyo.

Three national teams competed in the Nations event, with Australia and Japan finishing second and third respectively. The team event is competed based on the results of four individual matches, with one point awarded for a win. In the Nations event, Singapore defeated Japan 4:0 and Australia 2:1 to win the overall Asian Cup title.

Half time score - Singapore vs Australia

Half time score – Singapore vs Australia

Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, the other Asian countries registered with the FISTF (the world body for sports table football), did not send a team.

The team event is competed based on the results of four individual matches, with one point awarded for a win. In the Nations event, Singapore defeated Japan 4:0 and Australia 2:1 to win the overall Asian Cup title. In the Club team event, Singapore’s SG Lions TFC which formed the bulk of this year’s national team took the championship in style by defeating Japan’s Yokohama OSC 4:0 in the final.

Singapore’s Tan Kok Wee was crowned Asian Cup Champion in the individual Open category after a nail-biting 2:1 win over Australia’s Raffaele Lombardi. Tan’s victory was particularly gratifying as the individual Open event had attracted highly ranked European players from France, Italy and Wales. Singapore’s team Captain Bernard Lim, made the semi-finals of the Open event and the finals of the Veteran’s event.

The weekend in Tokyo also witnessed the establishment of the Confederation of Asian Sports Table Football Association (CASTFA), an Asian chapter of FISTF. The memorandum of undertaking was signed by the Presidents of the national table football association of Japan, Singapore and Australia, and endorsed by FISTF’s Vice President, Steve Dettre. Japan’s Kenzo Koi was appointed the inaugural President of CASTFA after leading a remarkably successful Asian Cup in Tokyo. The CASTFA presidency will be rotated every 2 years. The primary aims of CASTFA are to support the development of sports table football across the Asian region, including promoting and helping form national associations in other Asian countries. CASTFA will also help raise the profile of the Asian Cup and bring it to the next level in terms of prestige and quality of competition.

In line with objectives of CASTFA, the TFAS will be stepping up efforts to promote sports table football in Singapore. These will include promotional activities in conjunction with SportSG’s inaugural Singapore Football Week 2017 from 22 to 29 July 2017.

Selected results from the Asian Cup are listed below:

Asian Nations Team Event

Singapore – Champion
Players: Bernard Lim (Captain), Tan Kok Wee, John Ho, Vikas Chandiramani, Ashley Tan, John William Edwards.

Club Team Event

SG Lions Table Football Club – Champion
Players: Bernard Lim (Captain), Tan Kok Wee, John Ho, Ashley Tan, John William Edwards.

Individual Open Event

Tan Kok Wee, Singapore – Champion
Bernard Lim, Singapore – Semi Finalist
Ashley Tan, Singapore – Quarter Finalist

Individual Veteran Event

Bernard Lim, Singapore – Finalist
Ashley Tan, Singapore – Semi Finalist

Individual Plate Event

Vikas Chandiramani, Singapore – Champion
John William Edwards, Singapore – Semi Finalist

Individual Under-12 Event

Tan Yi De, Singapore – Champion
Tanishq Chandiramani, Singapore – Finalist

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TFAS @ Coupe De Melbourne


On Wednesday the 25th of June the Melbourne Subbuteo Club hosted the Coupe de Melbourne featuring 5 players including John Ho from Singapore.


New friendships forge on the Table Football Field @ Subbuteo Melbourne Club (L-R) John, Benji, Tom, Luke, David

The group stage was a tense affair which saw 30 goals scored in 10 games. From the group stage Benji Batten and John Ho progressed to the final with Luke Radziminski and David Simpson set to contest the 3rd place playoff.

Luke managed to claim 3rd place after beating David 3-2 in a thriller. The final itself was a fantastic game of Subbuteo, end to end action between Benji and John produced many chances which john was able to convert two and take out the Coupe De Melbourne winning the final 2-0.

Final Placings:
1. John Ho
2. Benji Batten
3. Luke Radziminski
4. David Simpson
5. Tom Nowacki

A great tournament, huge thanks to John Ho for coming to play and for your advice!

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There was also time for a lucky draw to win the TFAS/OCC official Polo Tees … which was drawn by Benij’s mother.  The Lucky Player was Luke Radziminski !!

Hopefully this is the start of Subbuteo Melbourne meeting more regularly. In the future anyone is welcome to host a couple of players for some friendly games or competitions.One of his first action, after receiving his prize, was to try it out and he commented “I will wear it for future tournaments !!”


(written by Benji Batten, Subbuteo Melbourne)

Competition @ Yokohama, Japan !!


There will be a competition in Yokohama, Japan on 30 November 2013 (Saturday).combined JPN-SIN

TFAS will be preparing to send a group of local players to participate in this event.

If you are interested, please send us a email, with the subject: Competition @ Yokohama Japan (30 Nov 2013).

Details can be found in the poster below …

Over the years, the collaboration and friendship between both players and associations has strengthen.  There are discussions about organization joint competitions and cross exchanges.  This is a good example how a game/sport can evolve and become a bridge.

Join in the fun and be part of this “bridge” …

For accommodation, the suggested hotel is Apa Hotel Kannai (in Yokohama).



TFAS @ Yokohama International Open Spring 2013 …


At the recent Yokohama International Open Spring 2013, there were 13 players participating (including 3 foreigners, Antonio P1110389-resizedCarabillo, Cédric Garnier and John Ho).

The players were split into 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4, and the pre-match warm-ups got underway.

Also … Subbuteo sponsored the competition balls for the event.

During the group stages, there were close games throughout.  Some of the players were relatively new to the game/sport but they showed passion and flashes of brilliance.

After lunch, there were some were some interviews by TV-Asahi (Japan) and AFP (Japan).  For TV-Asahi, they intend to introduce the game/sport to the rest of Japan via 30min segments during their programs.  As for AFP, the story will be distributed to various News Agencies around the world, where the story could be published locally.

So far, there are at least 6 news agencies which has picked the story including Arab News, BBCTV5 MONDE and Global Post (from USA).

This is really great to see it being announced onto the world stage !!!

Below are the pictures taken during the event …

Subbuteo Japan’s first tournament for 2013 !!


Subbuteo Japan is organizing their first competition this coming Spring 2013.

Click here to have more information from their website.

If you are interested to participate, please inform TFAS or
send email to Subbuteo Japan directly

If there are sufficient numbers, TFAS will try to organize a team, for future overseas events.

Yokohama Tournment spring 2013 shapeimage_3 Yokohama Open 2013 shapeimage_6

History – 1994 Subbuteo World Championships, Chicago USA

Diego Venegas (ESP)
Yusni Bin Amir Den Mulia (SGP)
Martin Taylor (IRL)
Jon Schulz (USA)
Pablo Goldberg (ARG)
Dominique De Marco (BEL)
Davide Massino (ITA)
Leslie Bonello (MLT)
Patrick de Jong (NED)
Derek Sansone (SCO)
Christophe Fuseau (FRA)
Andreas Christensen (GER)
Darren Clark (ENG)
Trevor Cummings (NIR)
Camilo A. Giedelmann (COL)
Carl Young (WAL)
Aggelos Tsakiris (GRE)
Vasco Guimaraes (POR)
Peter Fursund (DEN)
Horst Deimel (AUT)
Scott Aldridge (CAN)Quarter finals
Aggelos Tsakiris – Diego Venegas 5-1
Christophe Fuseau – Davide Massino 2-1
Carl Young – Yusni Bin Amir Den Mulia 4-2
Dominique De Marco – Andreas Christensen 2-0

Christophe Fuseau – Aggelos Tsakiris 1-0
Dominique De Marco – Carl Young 3*-2

Dominique De Marco – Christophe Fuseau 4-3

3-4th place play off match
Aggelos Tsakiris – Carl Young 3-1


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Merlion Cup 2012 @Orchid Country Club


There were three categories played;


This category is mainly for new players or returning players which has not played competitively for more than 5 years.  This is to help cultivate new players, giving them ample time to gain experience, new skills and knowledge of the game/sport.  Through this category, there were four Father-Son/Daughter teams, giving them additional opportunity to bond.


This category was for everyone, especially those more seasoned players.

Internationals Vs Local Boys

This category is to foster closer friendship between our international friends and the local group.

TFAS Merlion Cup 2012 2013 poster Subbuteo