Singapore wins Asian Cup in Sports Table Football !!

Singapore wins Asian Cup in Sports Table Football Tokyo, Japan 10 & 11 June 2017 – Singapore made history by winning the Asian Cup for the 3rd consecutive year. The heroic feat in Tokyo came after similar successes in Melbourne in 2015 and Singapore in 2016. This year’s competition was hosted by Japan at theContinue reading “Singapore wins Asian Cup in Sports Table Football !!”

TFAS @ Coupe De Melbourne

On Wednesday the 25th of June the Melbourne Subbuteo Club hosted the Coupe de Melbourne featuring 5 players including John Ho from Singapore. The group stage was a tense affair which saw 30 goals scored in 10 games. From the group stage Benji Batten and John Ho progressed to the final with Luke Radziminski andContinue reading “TFAS @ Coupe De Melbourne”

Competition @ Yokohama, Japan !!

There will be a competition in Yokohama, Japan on 30 November 2013 (Saturday). TFAS will be preparing to send a group of local players to participate in this event. If you are interested, please send us a email, with the subject: Competition @ Yokohama Japan (30 Nov 2013). Details can be found in the posterContinue reading “Competition @ Yokohama, Japan !!”

TFAS @ Yokohama International Open Spring 2013 …

At the recent Yokohama International Open Spring 2013, there were 13 players participating (including 3 foreigners, Antonio Carabillo, Cédric Garnier and John Ho). The players were split into 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4, and the pre-match warm-ups got underway. Also … Subbuteo sponsored the competition balls for the event. During the group stages, thereContinue reading “TFAS @ Yokohama International Open Spring 2013 …”

Subbuteo Japan’s first tournament for 2013 !!

Subbuteo Japan is organizing their first competition this coming Spring 2013. Click here to have more information from their website. If you are interested to participate, please inform TFAS or send email to Subbuteo Japan directly. If there are sufficient numbers, TFAS will try to organize a team, for future overseas events.  

History – 1994 Subbuteo World Championships, Chicago USA

Diego Venegas (ESP) Yusni Bin Amir Den Mulia (SGP) Martin Taylor (IRL) Jon Schulz (USA) Pablo Goldberg (ARG) Dominique De Marco (BEL) Davide Massino (ITA) Leslie Bonello (MLT) Patrick de Jong (NED) Derek Sansone (SCO) Christophe Fuseau (FRA) Andreas Christensen (GER) Darren Clark (ENG) Trevor Cummings (NIR) Camilo A. Giedelmann (COL) Carl Young (WAL) AggelosContinue reading “History – 1994 Subbuteo World Championships, Chicago USA”

Merlion Cup 2012 @Orchid Country Club

There were three categories played; Amateur This category is mainly for new players or returning players which has not played competitively for more than 5 years.  This is to help cultivate new players, giving them ample time to gain experience, new skills and knowledge of the game/sport.  Through this category, there were four Father-Son/Daughter teams, givingContinue reading “Merlion Cup 2012 @Orchid Country Club”