Possible Collaboration with Subbuteo Japan …

Possible Collaboration with Subbuteo Japan A discussion has been initiated with Subbuteo Japan (日本おはじきサッカー協会, Nihon Ohajiki Soccer Kyokai Subbuteo Japan) on the possibility of having a mutually arranged competition schedule. This will allow the opportunity of players from both countries to “cross over” and play in each other’s competitions.  This might also include a competition which wouldContinue reading “Possible Collaboration with Subbuteo Japan …”

FISTF World Rankings is released, correct as of 30 Nov 2012

The FISTF World Ranking is released and is correct as of 30 Nov 2012. We have extracted the ranking information for players based in Asia and Oceania.  There are two sets of ranking presented, World Ranking and Asian Ranking. For World Ranking, there are two main categories; 1. Ladies Category (highlighted in purple) 2. OpenContinue reading “FISTF World Rankings is released, correct as of 30 Nov 2012”