Leste Futures Tournament 2014


On 2 May 2014 (Friday), Leste Aquila Subbuteo Club organised the Leste Aquila SC Futures Tournament 2014 – a WASPA tournament – at the Jurong Central Zone ‘D’ RC premises.  Below is the full report by Rudy Norita …

Leste Aquila SC Futures Tournament 2014


The Futures tournament managed to attract 14 players, where players were placed in 4 groups & as there is no ranking the luck of the draw usually determine players progression to the next stage.  The top two players of each group would eventually progress to the knock out stages and the strongest players will eventually meet in the final.



The tournament favorites were Erza Aripin, Bernard Lim & Anas were luckily not to be drawn in the same group.  However, the tournament dark horses Fadzly & Fauzi were unlucky to bundled in the group A deemed the group of Death together with Erza & seasoned veteran Wee Lik.  The event also introduced three newcomers to the WASPA circuit were Hashim, Arthur Yeo & Darwis.

Group A:- Erza Aripin, Soo Wee Lik, Mohd Fauzi & Muhd Fadhly
Group B:- Bernard Lim (Lions SC) , Ezan & Hashim (Leste Aquila SC)
Group C:- Muhammad Azhar Yusri, Nic Tan, Rizal Tayib & Darwis (Leste Aquila SC)
Group D:- Anas, Arthur Yeo (Lions SC) & Aziz (Leste Aquila SC)


Group Stages

The group games did not provide any suprises with the favorites qualifying comfortably.  However group A, 2nd qualifying spot had to detained till the last game where Fauzi required a draw while Fadhly required to win to advance to the next stage.  The game was very tensed with Fauzi doing an ala Chelsea & parked a bus at the shooting area with Fadhly struggled furiously to score.  In the end the game ended 0-0 with Fauzi advancing.


Quarter Finals

1 Erza v Ezan 1 *
1 Azhar v Arthur 1*
4 Bernard v Fauzi 2
2 Anas v Nic 0

The quarters provided a few suprizes as favorite Erza and seasoned player Azhar bowed out in the shoot-outs after drawing their games.  Fauzi & Bernard dished out an exciting 6 goal triller with the latter winning 2-4 while Anas prove to strong for Nic winning 2-0.



0 Arthur v Ezan 4
*1 Bernard v Anas 1

Ezan was gaining in momentum & bring his last win to this game when he demolished Arthur while a shoot-out had to settle the winner between Bernard & Anas after their game ended in a 1-1 draw.


3rd v 4th

Anas won by a solitary goal but it was an a great achievement for newcomer Arthur who managed to qualify till semis.


Bernard v Ezan

Could Bernard do a double over Ezan after their recent group meeting ended in a 1-0 win or could Ezan get his revenge?

A fast pace & open affair between both players did not disappoint the crowd with several breathtaking flicks, shots & saves.  Both had equal share of chances but Bernard managed to prevail with a grounder shot which penetrated pass Ezan stubborn defence.  In the end one goal was enough and Bernard finally won a tournament.


Leste March Cup 2014


On 21 March 2014 (Friday), Leste Aquila Subbuteo Club organised the Leste March Cup 2014 – a WASPA tournament – at the Jurong East RC premises.  Below is the full report by Rudy Norita …

Leste Cup 2014

On Friday, the Leste March cup managed to attract 12 players. Players were placed in 4 groups without any seeding, thus luck of the draw played an important part in progression to the next stage. The brief write up as follows:


Group format: basically, we wanted players to have equal number of games, have more winners & prizes. After much deliberation we decided on this format:
– Each group were divided into 3 category namely winner, middle & bottom.
– Each winner of the group will progress to group A semis
– middle placed in group B semis
– bottom placed in group C semis

Group A played for top prize which included a box of chocolates + Snake bases, courtesy of our flicking friend namely Daniel Scheen (Tchaa4), who had graciously sponsored a set of bases as prize, while Group B & Group C played for the right to win chocolates


Groups: the draw was made and crowd favorites Den Mulia & Michael Chong were drawer in Group A while the drakhorse Rudy was in Group D paired with TFAS president, Kok Wee. Seasoned players Vikas was paired with home grown hot shots Azhar & Galvin while Antonio from Hong Kong Dragons club was with another seasoned played Wee Lik. The grouping as follows:
Group A: Den Mulia Yusni, Michael Choong & Nic Tan
Group B: Antonio Carabillo, Muhd Fadhly Fahmi & Soh Wee Lik
Group C: Muhammad Azhar Yusri, Galvin Ho Zi Rong & Vikas K Chandiramani
Group D: Rudy Hesty Roselan, Tan Kok Wee & Mohd Fauzi

Games: the group games had several tensed games including Den v Michael 2-2 draw, Vikas v Azhar 0-0 draw & Rudy v Kok Wee 2-2 draw. However after the end of the group battles the favorites qualified tops in their groups.

Next round

Group A (winner group): Den v Antonio dished out many heart pounding moments and when the game ended in a stalemate a sudden shoot out had to determine the winner where Den won. Rudy v Vikas was played in an open attacking manner. Both had their moments but in the end Rudy prevailed.
3rd v 4th (winner group): Antonio won against Vikas by a solitary goal.

Group B (middle placed): Wee Lik v Michael was a battle of the veterans with the latter winning comfortably over the rusty Wee Lik. Kok Wee v Azhar had their moments with Azhar playing a brilliant counter attacking style however in the end Kok Wee manage it edge out his opponent
3rd/4th : Azhar win against Wee Lik by a single goal.
1st/2nd: Michael edged out Kok Wee on sudden death shoot out after their game ended in a stalemate.

Group C (bottom placed): Nic v Fadhly was a battle between newcomer & seasoned junior. The game was tough to call but Fadhly managed to win by a single goal. Galvin v Fauzi had to be abandon with Galvin progressing through as the latter had to rush off to work.
1st/2nd: Fadhly won against Galvin in an exciting 5 goal triller.

Final (winner Group): Den vs Rudy. Could Rudy do a double over Den after their recent meeting ended in an unexpected victory for Rudy or Gould Den get his revenge. A fast pace yet thigh marking affair better the top two Singapore players. Both did not disappoint the crowd with several breathtaking flicks, shots & saves. As the time trickled down, the favorite Den Mulia scored a goal via fast push and shoot method which the keeper failed to save. Rudy threw the “kitchen sink” to try get an equalizer and an opportunity arises in the last 40 seconds of the game. A clear chance with only the keeper to beat.. Rudy paused aimed & shoot …. But the shoot was to strong as it hit the cross bar & the keeper pushed it away to safety. In the end the crowd favorite, Den Mulia won the epic game.

Full results
Group A:
2 Den Mulia v Michael Choong 2
0 Nic Tan v Den Mulia 3
2 Michael v Nic Tan 0

Group B:
1 Antonio v Muhd Fadhly 0
1 Muhd Fadhly v Soh Wee Lik 1
2 Antonio v Soh Wee Lik 1

Group C:
0 Muhammad Azhar v Galvin Ho 0
0 Vikas v Muhammad Azhar 0
0 Galvin Ho v Vikas 2

Group D:
0 Mohd Fauzi v Tan Kok Wee 1
1 Rudy v Mohd Fauzi 0
2 Rudy* v Tan Kok Wee 2
(*won on sudden death shoot out)


Winner Group Semis
0 Den Mulia* v Antonio 0 (*won on sudden death shoot out)
1 Rudy v Vikas 0

3/4 place
1 Antonio v Vikas

1 Den Mulia v Rudy 0

Middle Placing Group Semis
3 Michael Choong v Soo Wee Lik 0
1 Kok Wee v Muhammad Azhar 0

3/4 place
0 Soo Wee Lik v Muhammad Azhar 1

0 Kok Wee v Michael Choong* 0 (*won on sudden death shoot out)

Bottom Placing Group Semis
0 Nic v Fadhly 1
1 Galvin Ho v Fauzi 0 (walk over)

3/4 place
1 Nic v Fauzi 0 (walk over)

3 Fadhly v Galvin 2


Final standing
1st – Den Mulia
2 – Rudy
3 – Antonio
4 – Vikas
5 – Michael Choong
6 – Kok Wee
7 – Muhd Azhar
8 – Wee Lik
9 – Muhd Fadhly
10 – Galvin Ho
11 – Nic Tan
12 – Muhd Fauzi

(Full report by Rudy Norita)

Leste Aquila League Kicks off to a good start !!


Leste Aquila League kicked-off to a rousing start … IMG_2071


Basic rules:

There were around 16 players involved, with 1 session every Month (from March to September 2013), with a break in June.

The players will be divided into two divisions (Liga 1 and Liga 2).  Each player will be playing 2 games with each player (“home” and “away”).

The player at the top of Liga 1 will be crowned league champion and the bottom two will be relegated to Liga 2.  The top two in Liga 2 will be promoted to Liga 1.

A play-off between bottom third (of Liga 1) and the Third in Liga 2 will be conducted to determine who gets to Liga 1 and who goes to Liga 2.


The session on 30 March had around 12 players involved, playing their respective opponents.  Basically everyone had a good time and taking the opportunity to polish up their skill and knowledge in preparation for the TFAS National Championship in June.

Below are some pictures of the proceedings …

TFAS does the Harlem Shake !!


Today TFAS had a joint event with Leste’ Aquila, under WASPA’s banner.

The event was a success, with around 18 players.  As usual, there were excitement and pressure surrounding all the players and matches. To “shoot” off some steam … suddenly everyone broke into the Harlem Shake !!!

When is the event starting ? Let’s do the Harlem Shake while waiting !!  
We need to release some steam !! Let’s do the Harlem Shake !!  
Finally the event is over … Let’s celebrate with the Harlem Shake !!  

Let’s show Singapore and the World, that Table Football players in Singapore know how to have FUN !!!