Competition @ Yokohama, Japan !!

There will be a competition in Yokohama, Japan on 30 November 2013 (Saturday). TFAS will be preparing to send a group of local players to participate in this event. If you are interested, please send us a email, with the subject: Competition @ Yokohama Japan (30 Nov 2013). Details can be found in the posterContinue reading “Competition @ Yokohama, Japan !!”

Official TFAS Competition Balls … Sponsored by Subbuteo !!

TFAS is pleased to announced Subbuteo has sponsored the competition balls for the season 2013 !!! All TFAS organized competition will be using the sponsored balls to ensure a level playing field.  The balls are printed with Subbuteo and their logo.  They conform to the FISTF rules and regulations, concerning weight, size and shape. The balls areContinue reading “Official TFAS Competition Balls … Sponsored by Subbuteo !!”

TFAS @ Yokohama International Open Spring 2013 …

At the recent Yokohama International Open Spring 2013, there were 13 players participating (including 3 foreigners, Antonio Carabillo, Cédric Garnier and John Ho). The players were split into 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4, and the pre-match warm-ups got underway. Also … Subbuteo sponsored the competition balls for the event. During the group stages, thereContinue reading “TFAS @ Yokohama International Open Spring 2013 …”

Official balls for TFAS’s Competition, sponsored by Subbuteo

TFAS is please to announced that Subbuteo is the official sponsor of balls for all TFAS’s competitions in 2013. As the Table Football Association of Singapore, we strive to have a level playing field among all participants in our competitions.  This includes the main equipment such as the Pitch, the Playing Board, the Goal andContinue reading “Official balls for TFAS’s Competition, sponsored by Subbuteo”