Do you remember the this ? The Original Table Football/Soccer …

This is really a nostalgic moment … when we came across this “treasure” during a stock-take session at a youth clubhouse (Kebun Baru Community Sports Club Youth Chapter). The first thing we (Kok Wee and John) exclaimed together … Oh My GOD !!! this is a thing from the past.  Definitely brings up memories of ourContinue reading “Do you remember the this ? The Original Table Football/Soccer …”

Table Football creates Inter-Generation bonding opportunity…

This event was organized by Kebun Baru Community Sports Club (KBCSC) and TFAS was invited to participate. The event is to create an opportunity for the community to bond and also to spreading important messages to the community. Below are some of the messages and bonding activities … 1. Dengue Prevention (by National Environment Agency)Continue reading “Table Football creates Inter-Generation bonding opportunity…”

Inter-Generation interaction through Table Football !!

TFAS is invited by Kebun Baru Community Sports Club (KBCSC) to be involved in their Inter-Generational Sports Day During this day there would be numerous games booth to promote Inter-Generational interactions.  Table Football will be present in one of the booths, where there would carnival-like games to create awareness and a little competition among thoseContinue reading “Inter-Generation interaction through Table Football !!”

Table Football (Subbuteo) featured in PA’s Youth Chapter Sharing

Table Football (Subbuteo) was shared and feature as one of the many activities introduced to the youth community in various suburban areas in Singapore. In Jurong Central Zone D, a group of friends got together to form a Table Football (Subbuteo) Club and named it Leste’ Aquila … Leste’ Aquila is a Table Football a.k.aContinue reading “Table Football (Subbuteo) featured in PA’s Youth Chapter Sharing”