Leste’ Aquila League Kicks off in March !!

Leste Aquila is organizing their internal League and play sessions. If you are interested, please go to their FB page and register. Alternatively, you could contact Michael Choong or Rudy Hesty for more details. Venue: 340 Jurong East Ave 1, Singapore 600340 Timing: 10am – 4pm Dates: 30 March 27 April 25 May  

TFAS Cup 2013 – An Update

TFAS Cup 2013 … an update !! Orchid Country Club has agreed to sponsor and provide the venue for the upcoming TFAS Cup 2013, held 16-17 March 2013. It will be held at the RUBY SUITE !! Please refer to the poster for timings.

TFAS does the Harlem Shake !!

Today TFAS had a joint event with Leste’ Aquila, under WASPA’s banner. The event was a success, with around 18 players.  As usual, there were excitement and pressure surrounding all the players and matches. To “shoot” off some steam … suddenly everyone broke into the Harlem Shake !!! When is the event starting ? Let’s doContinue reading “TFAS does the Harlem Shake !!”

Table Football (Subbuteo) featured in PA’s Youth Chapter Sharing

Table Football (Subbuteo) was shared and feature as one of the many activities introduced to the youth community in various suburban areas in Singapore. In Jurong Central Zone D, a group of friends got together to form a Table Football (Subbuteo) Club and named it Leste’ Aquila … Leste’ Aquila is a Table Football a.k.aContinue reading “Table Football (Subbuteo) featured in PA’s Youth Chapter Sharing”