TFAS World Cup 2014

4 Years have passed in a flash!… 

and its…

WORLD CUP TIME!!twds the cup

Date: 28-29 June  2014 (Sat-Sun)

Venue: SAFRA, Toa Payoh

Time : 0900 – 1800 (9am – 6pm)

Please complete the registration form (at the end of this post) and send it to us now!

Before you proceed to register, please help us complete the following poll on your preferred format of play to aid a better organisation for the tournament. A brief explanation of the different formats is as follows:-

Round-Robin with Knock-out : This is the traditional format for most tournament, where players drawn in groups of 3 or 4 (with consideration of seeding), there after with the top qualifying players advancing into the knock out rounds. This system is similiar to the actual FIFA World Cup system and provides additional excitement of sudden-death competition during the knock-out rounds.

Additional explanation can be found at : “” & “”

SWISS System : This format groups all players together in a single group with sequence decided by drawing of lots. Thereafter, players shall play subsequent players progressively (eg: #1 vs #2, #3 vs #4, and so on). a minimum of 5 rounds of games will be played. Each player shall not meet the same player twice. If this happens, he/she shall be scheduled to play the next player in line whom he/she have yet to play with. At the end of the 5 rounds (or more if time permits), the top 2 placed players will enter a FINAL play-off for the eventual winner, and the 3rd & 4th placed player shall enter the 3rd/4th place play off to determine the next 2 positions. This system provides all players with an equal number of games and prevents repeated match-ups.

Additional explanation of the SWISS sytem can be found at : “”.

Football World Cup in Dangerous South AfricaFor additional novelty and fun to the whole event, we would also like participants to pick a country that you’d like to represent for this WORLD competition. Countries available for selection SHALL NOT be limited to the current WORLD CUP FINALS list, but will have to be from the official FIFA rankings list (

NOTE! Each country can only be selected ONCE (1) , to prevent repeats and shall be on a 1st-come-1st-serve basis according to the date/time of registration. Thus, registrants are to provide their top 3 choices for allocation.
A final list of players and their representing countries shall be published nearer to the tournament date.
*Players are encouraged to attend the tournament in the colours of the country he/she has selected and allocated to represent.
Till this date, the following ‘countries’ have regiatered their interests:-
OPEN Category : England, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Poland, USA, Tunisia, Uruguay, France, Algeria, New Zealand, Brunei, South Korea, Holland, Cr0atia, Japan, Nigeria, Argentina, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Wales, Greece, Chile & Mexico
JUNIOR Category : Brazil, Spain, England, Italy, Poland, USA, Algeria, Honduras, Chile, Argentina, Holland, Belgium & Singapore
So quick!! Register now to have a better chance to get the country of your choice! Registrations closes on 25 June 2014!

Registration fees, as follows;

*pay before 30 May 2014 and enjoy the Early Bird discounts!

Registration Fees

Junior Category

Open Category

 Jnrs joining both Categories

Early Bird




Normal Rates



Rates are effective respective to date of payment and not date of registration
Registration is only confirmed upon payment.


To facilitate fees collection, there are two options;

1. Collection at during Play Days – 




Orchid Country Club

Please refer to Event Calendar

Please refer to Event Calendar

Leste Aquila

@ Jurong Central Zone D RC

Please refer to Event Calendar

Please refer to Event Calendar

2. Bank Funds Transfer (Please drop us an email after you have done the transfer, thank you)

Account Name:              Table Football Association of Singapore

Account number:           0102793018

Account currency:          SGD

Bank:                              Standard Chartered Bank

Bank code:                    7144

Branch code:                 001


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