Table Football Association of Singapore


Table Football Association of Singapore (TFAS) … a little about its history

The Association came about because of a group of long-lost friends got together again 20131013_110713_1after many years, to play the game/sport they had loved when they were young.  As the playing got more frequent, they begin to wonder if there were others out there in Singapore which were also missing playing the game/sport too.  Thus the search begins …


At the same time, they also had the thought of spreading their love for the game/sport to the new generation, the generation growing up on electronic and console games.  They shared the common goal to help moderate their overly dependence on such devices to provide their entertainment and passion.


During early 2009, the Table Football Association of Singapore (TFAS) registered itself with the Registry of Society (ROS).  This gave a platform of both legitimacy and trust to the public. The Association grew, over a few years, from humble beginnings of just a gathering of like-minded friends to assisting the formation of a network of clubs around Singapore, to gaining a foothold on the global stage.  Since then, we have been nearly everywhere promoting the sport of Table Football to the community of Singapore.  We have gained much grounds with the setting up of several playing sites and clubs across our small tropical island.


Our main aim remains to build the sport to what it used to be in its glory days in Singapore, with hundreds, or even thousands of players flicking all over the island.  3 National-level Tournaments are held on a yearly basis (in March, June & December), together with many more smaller mini-tournaments in between.  With these tournaments, we hope to better spread the awareness of the game … and also welcome the players from anywhere in the World to join us.

TFAS, together with the other Associations in Asia (i.e. Japan & Australia), hope to further expand the playing community in this part of the World and play a part in making Sports Table Football the most widely played table-top game-sport in the World!

sgtfl-nlThe ‘SG Table Football League’ was also setup to provide a continuous and competitive platform in which players can enjoy and improve their game.


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