The TFAS Cup

tfas-logodecalThe TFAS CUP000

The TFAS Cup today is a Cup Tournament by the Table Football Association
of Singapore. Previously known as the SA Cup when Waddingtons used to host it under the banner of Subbuteo Association of Singapore, it is still one of the highly contested trophy in the Table Football scene in Singapore.

Now, the tournament is the 1st of 3 Annual Tournaments by the Association and is usually scheduled in the month of March to coincide with the Term 1 school holidays in Singapore.
Essentially, different categories of play are available for players to sign up and enjoy. Each category provides a different level of competition for the eligible players. The different categories are designed to provide a better platform for new and/or returning players to the game to ease into the competitive arena.

The usual categories and a  brief definition of the categories are as follows :-

Under 19
Open to all players under the age of 19 years old

– Open to all new players who just started to play the game and returning players who used to play the game in the 1980s till the early 1990s.
– Players previously involved in the SG Table Football Premier Leagues are not eligible
– Winners of previous/any Amateur Category competition are not eligible

Team competition
The team competition pits players in groups of 4. Players from 2 teams will play against each other concurrently and results are determined by the number of games each team win over their opposing team. Total Goal difference between the teams shall be considered if there is a tie in the number of games won.
– All participating players will be drawn at random into groups of 4
– Teams will play in accordance with the prescribed competition format (Swiss or Knock-out) depending on the number of Teams involved.

Individual Open
All individual players will play against each other in the prescribed Tournament format, depending on the number of participating players and time allowed.

*TFAS reserves the right to include/exclude any of the above categories, depending on the participation numbers


2017 Anas Rahamat Rudy Hesty Antonio Carabillo Den Mulia
2016 Rudy Hesty Roslan Den Mulia Anas Rahamat Michael Choong
2015 Den Mulia Yusni Rudy Hesty Roselan Antonio Carabillo Anas Rahamat
2014 Ouabi Rouis Tan Kok Wee Den Mulia Yusni Michael Choong
2013 Den Mulia Yusni Rudy Hesty Roselan John Ho Michael Choong
1986 Den Mulia Ashley Tan Intekhab Khan Nanda Kumar
1985 Ashley Tan Henry Koh Anil Naraindas Intekhab Khan
1984 Den Mulia Anil Naraindas Vikas Chandiramani Henry Koh
1983 C Vijaykumar G Arunagiri Anil Naraindas Darren Stevenson
1982 G Arunagiri Yeo Hock Chai Ivan Ng Sunil Nanwani


2017 Giovanni Choong Mohd Bolkiah Asyraf Rizal Tanishq Chandiramani
2016 Mohd Bolkiah Isaac Lim Ding Heng Ming Liang
2015 Giovanni Choong Chihiro Takao Luke Lim Isaac Lim
2014 Azhar Yusri Giovanni Choong Fadhly Fahmi Galvin Ho
2013 Izham Sidek Manto Azlan Sidek Anas Rahamat
1986 Tahalil Khan Bernard Lim Francis Seow John Ho
1985 Lee kok Yong Gary Ong Tan Yew Loy Bambang Purnama
1984 Ashley Tan Glenn Ong Bambang Purnama Kevin Chum
1983 Richmond Foo Lee Kok Yong Kumar Simon Ee


2017 Irwan Iskandar John Edwards Firdaus Bahrin Hugh Best


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