SG Table Football Premier League 2014 (Matchday 3) & Junior League 2014 (Matchday 2) : 09/03/2014

Matchday 3 of the Premier League and Matchday 2 of the Junior League took place on the 9 March 2014.  A total of 15 Premier League games and 7 Junior League games were played.  Antonio remained top of the table for the Premier League while Chihiro storms to the top of the Junior League table with a perfect 5 wins out of 5!!

Here are the scores for the Premier League (highlighted in yellow) …

SGPL2014-9 Mar 14-Score

And the current Premier League table is as folows …

SGPL2014-9 Mar 14-League

The scores for the Junior League (highlighted in yellow) …

SGJL2014-9 Mar 14-Score

And the current Junior League table looks like this …

SGJL2014-9 Mar 14-League


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