SG Table Football Premier League 2014 (Matchday 5) : 11/05/2014

The May matchday of the Premier League (Matchday 5) took place last Sunday on 11 May 2014.  The matchday for the Junior League had to be cancelled due to the mid-year examinations of the Singapore schools’ curriculum that many of our Junior players are a part of.  As always, studies first, then play will follow …

A total of 5 senior players played a total of 9 games.  Here are the results for the games played in the Premier League (highlighted in yellow):


And the current standings in the Premier League – with Ouabi remaining comfortably top of the table & Den Mulia climbing up to 3rd – is as follows:


As the SGTF Premier League nears mid-season in June; and coupled with the TFAS World Cup (National Championships) also coming up in June to coincide with the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the local Sports Table Football scene in Singapore is hotting up in the coming month of June!!

Stay tuned or better still, sign-up for the TFAS World Cup on the weekend of 28, 29 June & be part of the exciting action!! …


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