Xmas Cup WASPA @ Singapore Sports Hub

An ad-hoc WASPA event took place on the 21 Dec 2014 at the Singapore Sports Hub Library.  Below is the full report by Bernard Lim …


20141221_164640The Players (L-R): Noor Haikal, Ezan Ahmad, Chandru Chugani, Anas Rahamat, Luke Lim, Vikas Chandiramani, Bernard Lim, Isaac Lim

8 players participated in this and they were drawn into 2 groups with the top 2 progressing to the semi-finals while the respective 3rd-placed players played-off for 5th/6th and the respective 4th-placed players played-off for 7th/8th.

Group A comprised of: Isaac Lim, Anas Rahamat, Ezan Ahmad and Noor Haikal while Group B comprised of: Luke Lim, Vikas Chandiramani, Bernard Lim and Chandru Chugani.

Group A Results
Anas 3 Isaac 0
Haikal 2 Isaac 1
Ezan 1 Anas 2
Anas 1 Haikal 1
Ezan 4 Isaac 0
Haikal 2 Ezan 2

Group B Results
Vikas 1 Bernard 2
Chandru 2 Luke 0
Bernard 6 Luke 0
Vikas 2 Chandru 0
Bernard 4 Chandru 2
Vikas 7 Luke 1

Both Anas and Bernard played true to form and topped their respective Groups; while Haikal and Vikas finished 2nd in the respectively.  Ezan and Chandru finished 3rd to battle for 5th/6th placing ;while Luke and Isaac, the only 2 Junior players battle out for 7th/8th placing.

5th/6th Placing
Ezan 3 Chandru 1

With both players in preparation for the upcoming SGTF League Season 2015, Ezan ended-up eventual 3-1 winners to take 5th Place.

7th/8th Placing
Isaac 3 Luke 0

The 2 Subbuteo-playing Brothers, played out a often-seen derby game; with younger brother Isaac showing more composure to make his chances count to win 3-0 and take 7th Place.

Anas 1 Vikas 0
Bernard 7 Haikal 0

In the semi-finals, Anas edged out Vikas 1-0 in a very tight affair; while Bernard fully capitalized on Haikal’s numerous defensive errors to progress into the Final.

3th/4th Placing
Vikas 1 Haikal 0

The cool-headedness of experience triumphed over the exuberance of youth in yet another tight affair between Vikas and Haikal, as Vikas took 3rd Place with a 1-0 victory.

Anas 2 Bernard 0

In what was a repeat of the recent Merlion Cup barrage play-off; this time Anas took full revenge with a solid defensive display and his trademark quick counter-attacking and moving-ball shots to catch Bernard unawares and out-of-position defensively.  It was sweet revenge for Anas as he won the game deservingly with 2 goals.

Congratulations Anas !! … and well done to all participating players !!


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