Latest Release of TFAS Singapore (SG) Ranking (as at 6 October 2014)

The latest TFAS SG Ranking as at 6 October 2014 is now officially released!!  It includes a one-time adjustment for the award of ranking points for Mini-Tournaments as catered for in the v2.0 revision of the TFAS SG Ranking System.  Another one-time adjustment was also made due to player withdrawals in the SGTF Premier League.

The current Number 1 top-ranked player in Singapore is our French friend, Ouabi Rouis!!  His great form in winning 3 consecutive Mini-Tournaments made a telling contribution to his surge up the SG Rankings as he takes over from Den Mulia.  Congratulations Ouabi Rouis!!  Tied at Number 2 are Bernard Lim (our Singapore rep at the recent Rochefort World Cup) and Michael Choong (1 of our top player in Singapore) as they moved up 3 and 2 rankings respectively.

See below for the complete list of the SGR (Open):

Over in the Junior rankings, Giovanni Choong continues to remain as the Number 1 Junior player in Singapore.  Congratulations Giovanni!!  Both Isaac Lim and Luke Lim (Singapore’s first and only U12 players to ever compete in a FISTF World Cup) also consolidated their Number 2 and Number 3 rankings respectively.  This trio of up-and-coming youngsters have certainly made their mark in the first 9 months of 2014 and established themselves as the top 3 Junior players in Singapore.  Well done boys!!

The complete list of SGR (Jnr) as follows:


Congratulations to all players who made improvements in their rankings.  To the rest of the players, keep flicking and you will move up the rankings too …

Who will be Singapore’s Number 1 at the end of 2014?  Will the other Junior players challenge the current top trio of Giovanni, Isaac and Luke? … Stay tune for the next release of the SG Rankings in January 2015 …



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